Convert More Leads Into Sales

Unlock the potential of AdZAP ® the smart AI solution that brings you more customers while streamlining your business operations. Start, converse, and book appointments effortlessly across multiple channels, including SMS, Email, Live Chat, Phone Calls, and more!

Smart AI for today's Business.™

Smart AI for today's Business.™

The Most Powerful and Easy-to Use

Platform for Business owners.

With one goal in mind, to increase

your recurring revenue on autopilot!


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Get More Customers Phone Calls

Automatically route calls and convert inbound leads to sales opportunities by connecting you directly with leads who want to talk right now!

24/7 support chat bot.

Introducing our 24/7 Chat Bot Receptionist, an invaluable resource for your business. This advanced AI-powered assistant is available round-the-clock, tirelessly catering to your customers' needs. From handling customer support queries to efficiently booking appointments, providing directions, and offering prompt answers to their questions, our Chat Bot Receptionist is designed to enhance customer satisfaction and streamline your operations.

Search For Your Business & We Will Write Review Responses

To 5 Of Your Google Reviews Live Right Before Your Eyes!

Supercharge your business growth with the implementation of cutting-edge AI technology.

More Leads

More Customers

More Appointments

More Reviews


Double Your Speed To Lead

Stop missing out on conversations! Streamline all your communication in one place so that you can double your speed to lead and fill your pipeline!

Swift Responses, More Customer

Never miss an opportunity to grab a new customer! With speed to lead, you can stay one step ahead of your competitors by responding to customer inquiries immediately. By addressing their needs promptly and providing exceptional service, you not only build trust and loyalty but also prevent potential customers from seeking alternatives. When you respond swiftly, you seize the chance to engage with prospects while their interest is at its peak, ensuring that they choose your business over competitors


Instantly Fill Your Calendar

Say goodbye to missed sales opportunities! AdZAP ® makes scheduling appointments feel magically easy so that you can close more deals or book more appointments!

Harnessing the power of AI

Capture leads and secure appointments even when your team is offline, expanding your customer reach and boosting your business growth.

Your AI bot is working 24/7 to book your appointments.

Connect: Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Slack, Shopify, Stripe, Google my Business

The all-in-one platform for simpler work.

Smart Payments

Send customers payment request

Sending payment requests automates the payment collection process, eliminating the need for manual invoicing and follow-ups, thus freeing up valuable time and resources for your business.

Customers prepaid for your service

Benefit 1: Secure Appointments: By having your customers prepay for booking appointments, you can ensure that their desired time slot is locked in, reducing the risk of appointment conflicts or cancellations.

Benefit 2: Minimize No-Shows: Prepayment encourages commitment from customers, reducing the likelihood of no-shows or last-minute cancellations. This allows you to optimize your schedule and serve more clients effectively.

Benefit 3: Guaranteed Revenue: Prepayments provide a steady and predictable stream of revenue for your business, improving cash flow and allowing for better financial planning and stability.


Gain Key Insights Into


Easily see how well your campaigns and sales team are performing so that you can increase your opportunities and sales!

Industry Leading Features


7 Channel Automated Follow Up

Automatically message leads across multiple channels including SMS, Email, Voicemail, Calls, Facebook Messenger, GMB and Website Chat to increase response rates to up to 80%.




Work as team members to see the system how they see it, track progress, set up campaigns, and more.


AI Appointment Booking

Use AdZap BOT® to book appointments for you so that you can focus on what matters the most, closing deals.


Lead Round


Automatically distribute leads between team members and track the progress on each lead.


Live Call


Automatically get inbound calls every time a lead is ready to talk and when they schedule on your calendar.



Remind yourself to call leads, send documents, or any other sales-related tasks in your leads lifecycle.


Communication Center

All your communications in one place! Email, SMS, Phone, Voicemail, Facebook Messenger, Web Chat and More!




Easily see how well your campaigns and sales team are performing so that you can increase your opportunities and sales!


Mobile App

Close prospects on-the-go with our mobile app, respond to leads, track statuses, complete reminders, and more.

Seamless Integration With 2000+ Tools

Integrate AdZAP ® With Tools You Already Love

With Our Custom Integration And Zapier!


Smart AI for today's Business.™

Completely Replaces All Of These And More...

Seamless Integration With 2000+ Tools

Integrate AdZAP ® With Tools You Already Love

With Our Custom Integration And Zapier!

Join 3,800+ Happy Growing Business using Ai Technology.

I would give AdZAP ® a 5 out of 5 stars! It's extremely easy to use even if you're not tech-savvy, it's effective and I recommend it to all my clients!


Christian Kuzdub

Kuzdub Consulting

The campaigns are so simple & easy to create... It's unbelievable.


Joel Karnston

Everton Consulting

I have used different marketing automation platforms and this is now the best one I can recommend for beginners and SME.


Janiece Nicolette

Komo Consulting

AdZAP ® "Smart AI for today's Business"

empowers businesses of every kind

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Kind Of Support Do You Provide?

We've got your back with round-the-clock support ingrained in our DNA. Your success and business are our prime focus. Count on us 24/7 with our chatbot, email, and live support. Plus, our user-friendly tutorial library is primed for swift query solutions. Ready to supercharge your journey

4. How Does Your Automation Work?

We provide comprehensive automation that will execute and automate workflows across your high-value business processes. Our smart campaigns will put SMS, Email, Web Chat, Phone Calls, and Calendar Appointments on autopilot.

2. How Do I Get Started?

Get started by signing up for one of our Business plans, and discover how our platform can simplify business management. By upgrading to Plus or PRO you'll attract new customers like never before. Experience how AdZAP® can significantly enhance your business growth.

5. Can I Cancel My Account At Any Time?

Absolutely, we want to ensure you feel secure about our cancellation policy. With us, you have the freedom to cancel at any time. There's no need to worry about any binding obligations or contracts holding you back. Your satisfaction and peace of mind are our top priorities.

3. How Secure Is My Customer Data?

Your customer data security is of utmost importance. With over 20,000 businesses relying on our services, we have a proven track record. We strictly adhere to regulations and implement advanced security measures to prevent breaches. Your data's safety is our priority, and we're always working to enhance it.

6. What Platform Do You Integrate With?

Our integration capabilities span a variety of platforms, promising you a seamless and dynamic automation. with Zapier, we forge connections with over 2000 other applications, injecting a new level of simplicity and efficiency into your processes. Dive into the possibilities of our integration options and let the excitement begin!

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Business automation.

Social media management.

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Birthday reminders.

Web chat bot.

Email & SMS marketing.

Phone Auto dialer


Accept payments

Booking Bot

Calendar with bot

Landing page builder.

Forms & survey.

Membership and Courses.

Plus, much much more,.

AI - Solution:

Ai bot Booking on Calendar

24 hr. Chat bot working website

FAQ 's Answered by Chat bot.

Ai Missed call auto callback.

Human Resources managed by chat box.

AI interviewing employees.

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