All-in-one marketing platform to

simplif + expand your business

All-in-one marketing platform to

simplif + expand your business

Flow with Ease

Connect tools that power your business

The all-in-one platform for simpler work.

Increase your online visibility and organize your calendar. Connect your personal Google calendar inside your account for a true picture of your schedule. Connect your GMB account to increase traffic to your site.

Send tailored and targeted email campaigns to your customers and amplify your marketing with this robust email automation and delivery service.

Connect flexible SMS, voice, and video capabilities to AdZAP ® for easy communication with customers. Meet customers how they like to and build strong customer engagement and lead generation.

 Conduct virtual meetings, webinars, and events and connect with your audience in real-time. This video conferencing tool is indispensable and makes for successful virtual events and sales calls.

Send personalized and targeted messages to customers across the globe and boost customer engagement with this universal messaging app.

Accept payments online and share your products and services with a vast market of consumers using this reliable and secure transaction platform.

Accept payments from customers worldwide with an alternative and easy-to-use transaction platform.

Track the performance of your ads to ensure they're reaching your desired audience. Schedule posts and follow as your brand becomes more well known.

Attract and engage with your customers consistently when you create a monthly content calender with pre-scheduled posts. Tell captivating stories through photos and videos.

Gain traction on the popular short-form video-sharing platform where much of the world hangs out, and let the Social Planner help you stay consistent.

Connect your WordPress site inside AdZAP ® and drop any worries about having to rebuild it inside our Website Builder. Continue building your online presence.

Continue to make informed financial decisions and improve your bottom line with our Quickbooks integration. Glue your marketing, sales, and accounting together.

If you already have an online store built, transfer it to AdZAP ® for seamless integration with your CRM, funnels, and automations. Continue strengthening your sales.

Automate your workflows even further by connecting various applications and tools to what you're doing inside . Continue to save time and resources, while also enhancing your overall efficiency and productivity.

Collaborate with your team or clients to boost productivity and engagement. With Slack, you can excel in customer service.

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Business automation.

Social media management.

Automatic nurturing.

Birthday reminders.

Web chat bot.

Email & SMS marketing.

Phone Auto dialer


Accept payments

Booking Bot

Calendar with bot

Landing page builder.

Forms & survey.

Membership and Courses.

Plus, much much more,.

AI - Solution:

Ai bot Booking on Calendar

24 hr. Chat bot working website

FAQ 's Answered by Chat bot.

Ai Missed call auto callback.

Human Resources managed by chat box.

AI interviewing employees.

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